Marty B’s in Bartonville, Tx

Discover why its diverse seating, expansive drink menu featuring energy drinks to espresso Martinis, and satisfying meals—from hearty breakfast biscuits to delectable lunches—make it a must-visit spot, even if it requires a bit of a drive.


5/14/20232 min read

Yes they have a drive through, but why use it. Go inside! They offer great coffee, breakfast, lunch, dessert and more - but you need to go inside to experience this place.

They offer a good bit more than just Coffee. The breakfast is great, with items like breakfast biscuits or gravy , with breakfast tacos, and Kolaches. I loved the biscuits and gravy and Hot chicken breakfast sandwich, that also have a Lunch and dessert selection. The prices are very good for what you get.
They have a Bar in the coffee shop. You can get a espresso Martini, Matcha Marg, a Bloody Mary or other cocktail or wine at 10am if that is how you want to start your day. With the food items this might work.
I wish this was a little closer to my home, if it was this would hands down be my go to spot to do a little work on the computer, relax or have a informal business meeting. If this place is a reusable drive it is worth going, if a bit inconvenient it is still worth a one time trip for the experience- you may find it is worth the extra miles.
You must go inside, this is what everyone from New York images of a Texas home. The design is modern that ran head first into a cattle ranch. Open large rafters beam ceiling, modern two sided glass in closed fireplace, cow skull on the wall, horns, cow hide, horse sculpture, leather and wood. Yes deep down this is what I want my home to be.
You would think more than one cow hide chair would not work, but in Marty B’s it would look strange without them. there is a lot of seating options here, tables, arm chairs, couches, booths and a separate 12 chair room if your having a meeting.
The other reason to go to a coffee shop - is the coffee which is also above average. There is a good selection, but just ask for what you would like. Even with all the room, they cannot list all the coffee and drinks they can make. Hot, cold they even have energy drinks.